Sidewalk stamps of Corvallis OR

100 years ago, the concrete contractors of Corvallis Oregon signed their work when they made sidewalks in town. Today, these sidewalk stamps provide a small amount of history as you walk around the older parts of town.

This site is an attempt to catalog all of these Sidewalk Stamps throughout town. There is the main map where you can move around and click on the stamp location to get a picture of the stamp. At the bottom of this page are cross index lists by contractor and by date.

You can turn on or off different types of features such as the main sidewalk stamp collection, stamps that homeowners made on their walkways, modern inscriptions, historical plaques around town, and other artifacts. You can zoom in, and pan the map much like any other Google map. If you click on any of the features, you will get a separate window with the detail photo of that feature.

Sidewalk Stamps of Corvallis OR

If you find any other sidewalk stamps (I know I've missed some), or find any other errors, please let me know so I can correct them. I can be reached at

Dave Regan

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